Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Music Week: Day 2.

The Shins: New Slang.

"Dawn breaks like a bull through the hall,
Never should have called
But my head's to the wall and I'm lonely."

New Slang is just one of those classic songs. I discovered it like most, from the Garden State soundtrack. In my opinion, it's the greatest movie soundtrack in existence. Natalie Portman was right in the movie, this song will change your life. Listening to the song makes you feel happy yet there is a slight melancholy that comes over you. No matter what i love this song and it will always be one of my favorites.

The below lyrics are my favorite from the song. 

"Im looking in on the good life i might be doomed never to find.
Without a trust or flaming fields am i too dumb to refine?
And if you'd 'a took to me like
Well i'd a danced like the queen of the eyesores
And the rest of our lives would 'a fared well."

Music Week: Day 2.

Ellie Goulding: This Love (Will Be Your Downfall).

Who are we to be emotional?
Who are we to play with hearts and throw away it all?
Oh, who are we to turn each other's heads?
Who are we to find ourselves in other people's beds?

Oh, I don't like the way I never listen to myself
I feel like I'm on fire
I'm too shy to cry for help
Oh, I don't think you know me much at all

This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall

I'm feeling down about this love

Who are you to make me feel so good?
Who are we to tell ourselves that we're misunderstood?
Oh, who am I to say I'm always yours?
Who am I to choose the boy that everyone adores?
Oh, I don't see a reason why we can't just be apart
Not falling on each other like we're always in the dark
Oh, I don't think you know me much at all, at all

This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
(At all)

This love is not what you want
This heart will never be yours
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall
This love is be and end all
This love will be your downfall

Monday, February 20, 2012

Music Week: Music Monday.

Nirvana: Sliver.

In owed to what would have been Kurt Cobains 45th birthday, which is today, i thought id post my favorite Nirvana Song. Sliver is my personal favorite. Its quirky, simple, and the lyrics paint a picture in your head. Plus the video is great. His daughter is in the video. Kurt cut holes into a cardboard background so he could put his hands through the cardboard, move around his daughter, and make it look like she was dancing.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of him too.

"I like punk rock. I like girls with weird eyes. I like drugs. I like passion. I like things that are built well. I like innocence. I like and am grateful for the blue collar worker whose existence allows artists to not have to work at menial jobs. I like killing gluttony. I like playing my cards wrong. I like various styles of music. I like making fun of musicians whom I feel plagiarize or offend music as art by exploiting their embarrassingly pathetic versions of their work. I like to write poetry. I like to ignore others' poetry. I like vinyl. I like nature and animals. I like to be by myself. I like to feel guilty for being a white, American male."

-Kurt Cobain.

Music Week: Music Monday

Gotye featuring Kimbra: Somebody That I Used To Know.

Gotye's song, Somebody That I Used To Know, has quickly become one of my favorite songs. I can listen to it on repeat and it happened to be my Valentine's Day theme song. This song is relatable for everyone and its a great song to listen to when your pissed off.

The below lyrics have to be my favorite because we've all experienced something like this.

Now and then I think of all the times you screwed me over
But had me believin it was always something that I'd done
But i don't wanna live that way
Reading into every word you say

Plus, if you haven't seen the song performed live watch this video below. I think it sounds even better live than in the recording, and thats rare when musicians sound better live.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lisa Frank

Jeremy Scott: Fall 2012 Collection.

Jeremy Scotts Fall 2012 collection is genius. The use of stickers on a bustier is perfection. When i look at this collection if feel like it looks like my 2nd grade binder. Every Lisa Frank and anything sparkly or shiny. My favorites would have to be the star pants. The shoes are equally amazing. Neon combat boots and platform heels top of the collection in the only way they know how. Extravagantly.

Favorite look #1 above.
Favorite look #2 above.
Favorite looks #3 and #4 above and below.

Photos: ELLE.


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