Monday, August 2, 2010


Im usually not one to post about chain stores other than H&M. I have a love hate relationship with Forever 21. They tend to make their money off of copying other designers. Being a designer myself, i don't really respect companies that copy designers to the t. Yes, that even means Topshop and H&M. But this collection was very cute so i had to post about it. I wish the glasses were for sale. I would definitely buy them.

How do you feel about chain stores copying designers? Do you hate it but still buy the less expensive pieces? Or do you stay as far away as possible?

Photos: Forever21, Nitrolicious.fsf


ilovecoolthings said...

first i have to think about how many washes it will withstand. next is whether i want to wear it just once or twice. third the price...
depends what kind of mood i'm in too!

Zapping for Perfection said...

great outfits ! love your blog

M and S


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