Thursday, August 26, 2010

Colorful gap.

Numero magazine- September Issue.

My obsession with colorful hair is quickly growing. Plus i love it when someone rocks the gap in their teeth. I would never get the gap in my teeth fixed. I love it and am proud of it more and more every day.

Photos: Numero magazine.


Abi Rose said...

i love coloured hair
especially a gaga style lilac over blonde hair, and i think gap teeth are super cute, abbey lee looks adorable with hers :)

hiven said...

stunning photoss

Savvy said...

So many people pull off their gap teeth wonderfully! I think they're so cute!

Photo said...

wow!good photos!
a very interesting look at the model, great photos!

zahira said...

i wish i was a blonde, i would dye my hair all the time!


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