Friday, July 2, 2010


Complex Geometries: Fall/Winter 2010.

Back again is a staple of this blog. Complex Geometries. They are one of the brands/ designers that i follow and post on each of their collections. They do simple in the greatest form possible. It is brave to try and make a t-shirt into a statement piece. They boarder on the simple and frumpy yet they don't come close to either. Complex Geometries brings staple pieces to the forefront; staple pieces do not have to just consist of black dresses and black pumps. I strongly believe that everyone should have at least one oversized garment in their wardrobe. When done right, it can look incredibly striking.

What are your ideal staple pieces?

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Photos: ComplexGeometries.


thrifted drifter said...

love the hooded dress!!!

Away with the fairy's said...

Wow some really great pieces there! :)

Jane said...

ah-ha! I see crop top;)
Thats a moody collection but I love it!

Andi said...

Great blog - cool insights :-)

Check out my headband giveaway this week at! said...

i discovered you blog just now.
beautiful post. i like alle dress.
great work.
kiss from Milan
Nicola freshONpr

Luxi said...

these are such sexy and interesting,,,simple and beautifully draped clothes,I'm in love.


Sassi said...

what a grogeous collection. love every single one of it!

Glenda C said...

awesome collection!


loving that label, probably the only? using casual - heavy cotton.


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