Saturday, June 5, 2010


Vena Cava: Resort 2011 collection.

Today i saw the new Vena Cava Resort 2011 collection on The Cut, New York magazines fashion blog. I saw it and i though it was perfect. Very fresh and unfussy. I think that quite a few resort collections are too "im going to lay out on the beach in Miami" so this is quite the refreshing collection. If you want something at a higher quality then American Apparel but cannot afford Proenza Schouler then this is the way to go. (P.S. In no way am i comparing Proenza Schouler to American Apparel. IN NO WAY.). Using inspiration from overalls adds a very comfortable feeling but they have updated the classic but usually outdated overalls with youthful and quality fabrics.

There are quite a few elements to this collection such as overalls, zippers, tribe inspired print, mesh, and of course the perfectly round sunglasses. Which element is your favorite?

Photos: NYMAG.


Lizz said...

I love the cut! and I dig the round sunglasses, I have some wire round ones they're pretty out there but I love 'em. I agree about resort collections, they're not my favorite but I liked this one more than some others!

Caitlin said...

loooove this collection!

fashionable palette said...

What a great, wearable collection.

StuddedLilly said...

i absolutely loveeeee the jumper and the last two looks!! they are so chic yet simple! great post!


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