Saturday, June 26, 2010

Going to your head.

Lately i have absolutely been in love with two-toned hair color. Since about January i've had blonde/yellow tips. I have brown hair so i bleached the last 3-4 inches of my hair which left a yellow like blonde. I love it and im due to bleach the tips a little more. Remember, its easy to do at home; i did my own hair myself. However, if you have dark hair and want to color your hair bright colors it will take some time and practice to get your wanted color. I think that this trend has evolved into a hair style rather than something that will soon pass.

I absolutely adore what is happening in the below picture. More and more im becoming more confident in my style so hopefully one day i will be so brave to rock whatever hair color i want.

Im also in love with the fishtail braid. It is probably my favorite hairstyle. I found this incredibly easy how to video on youtube. With hairstyles that look difficult, like the fishtail braid, you never really think that you will be able to achieve the exact look that you want but this video sums up the instructions so well.

Have you colored your hair a quirky color lately or experimented with bleach?
Lilac, yellow, pink, and green have to be my favorite hair colors. Would you ever go rainbow?


Isabella S. said...

thanks for your comment ! you blogg is the colors explosion ! I love !!!!!
Sorry for my bad English.
Saludos desde Argentina !

Star-Light said...

love it!

the pink is great :)

Lizz said...

I've always wanted to color my hair a bright crazy color, blue especially. Or pink. But I never could because I'm on this synchronized skating team and we have to have matching everything :/ You should definitely try it I love when a girl can rock out a rainbow head! My older sister did it when she was in high school, she looked awesome.

StuddedLilly said...

these 2 tone colors are really something that i would love to try! but too daring for me! haha

Anonymous said...

yess, i really love this look, did a post on it myself! I love the pics with the short coloured curls!


Islandia Lane said...

I love the pink ends! {I actually did that back in college for a few weeks}
Lately I've been thinking of something more adult to do with color... I think I'm getting inspired to just do it more and more every day... and now I see this post too!


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