Saturday, June 19, 2010

Speckled Dreams.

Cynthia Rowley Resort 2011

In the words of Buddy the Elf "Im in love, im in love, and i don't care who knows it". That quote basically sums up everything i feel about the Cynthia Rowley resort collection. Since i am a fairly new fan, my fondness for Cynthia Rowley grows with every collection i see. I feel like this collection reflects exactly how i would like to i picture myself. Especially the ensembles below. The gorgeous cardigan 2 photos down is my dream garment (hint hint...its my 20th birthday on June 23rd!!!). Each piece is made for the modern woman, yet it reflects every women's childlike side.

Also, the concept for a presentation outside of Conde Nast publications as well as other locations was brilliant. Very refreshing. I am sad that i did not get to go due to the fact that i am not currently in New York but i am extremely excited to see the Spring collection this September. Its looking like it might be one of my most anticipated shows.

Photos: NYMAG.


blow8 said...

aw thanks for the comment babe, proper love your blog! i love the first couple of looks in this post, some great finds.

Clara said...

lovely post ♡

johanna said...

ohhh so cute, really lovely!
I'm following you
Take a look on my blog and follow if you want

and on my facebook

Hope you like it.
Love, johanna

rhyannonjoy said...

you're right, mildly flippant but totally playful. color color yesssss

Madeleine George said...

I could see MK rocking this!

Sammi said...

I really like her too.

Jessica said...

this collection looks amazing.v

jessica said...

okay so that pink dress is spectacular.
in loooove.

Emma said...

haha yes, you're right
every blogger should have one :P

Margaret said...

love the slight awkwardness of these :D
love the blog
great posts
stop by some time xx

Monika P. said...

J'adore the first outfit!

Monika from J'adore Fashion

misslikey said...

how fab is cynthia rowley.. absolutely adore it

April said...

Great collection!

Katie said...

There are some beautiful pieces in this collection!

CMA said...

i love this!
you've got a great blog, keep it up
and if you've got a second and love cute little dresses, go to and sign up for sway, a company launching their collection in the only takes 3 seconds and it will help send me to vegas..i need 1,000 sign ups before august! it would mean the world.
love your inspiration, i'll definitely come visit your blog again!


Abi-Anne said...

Thanks for sharing!

Love the length, print and silhouette of all the dresses!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Do come more often ;)

My Republic of Fashion said...

Great collection, really pretty and girly. Love the first pink dress.sarahD:)

Iva said...

love it!

Lexy @ Quirky Explosion said...

You basically covered everything awesome about this collection. I love it's youthfulness, without being too "awww cutesy poopsies."

(Yeah, you're way more eloquent than me..)

Thanks so much for stopping by!

Style Queen said...

These outfits are lovely, fab blog!

I'm still fairly new to this whole thing, pop over to my blog anytime: Non-Stop-Fashion

would be grateful for a few more followers


Jessica said...

You need to check out this giveaway in a new york minute!


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