Monday, March 29, 2010

Shark tooth.

Cynthia Rowley for Roxy.
Yep, its that time again. This past weekend i shopped for a bathing suit because im going to Phoenix and California to visit my Dad. It took me hours to find the right suit. Did i find i like it....well its good enough. When you go to Target or any other accessible store to find the perfect bathing suit and beach accessories there tends to be tons of pieces but they are all identical. The only difference is a plain tacky pattern.
When i found out about the Cynthia Rowley for Roxy collection i was in awe and quite excited. The pieces are youthful, fun, and unique. The colors and fabric choices add the perfect pinch of whimsy to each piece. The neoprene, fabric used for wetsuits, is unexpected, modern, and surprisingly practical.

My favorite pieces are the Choka Skirt, Line Up Leggings, and the A-Frame Hoodie. I think i would give up my right arm to a shark attack for that Chokra Skirt. Im fascinated by it.

Choka Skirt

Line Up Leggings
A-Frame Hoodie

You can dress in head to toe Cynthia Rowley and not break the bank since these are each investment pieces. They will last you quite awhile.
Prices range from $34- $225.
The collection is available now. Visit Cynthia Rowley for Roxy to look at the pieces and purchase items for the upcoming Summer season.
If you could buy in piece, which piece would you chose?

Pictures: Roxy


Noelle + Kendall said...

This is beyond cool. love the golden shark tooth necklace!

-N + K
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Lexy said...

I want all this!!! Thanks for sharing!!


Anonymous said...

thanks for commenting! i really enjoyed your blog! these are great pieces, i especially like the hoodie and the dress, so cute and versatile!

Ugly Cute said...

ah love it, that black one is so awesome


Marie said...

I love the dresses and swimsuits!!

Shannon said...

I love Cynthia Rowley's designs. this collection looks perfect for summer. xx

Anonymous said...

Of course, I want the most expensive thing. I need a new wetsuit, dangit!!

Thanks for your sweet comment!!

Anonymous said...

awesome, i usually loathe sport inspired fashion, but this works quite well!



Style, She Wrote said...

Wow, love this collection! The bathing suits are great!

Hannah said...

i really like the swimcap actually, haha.

Dubai's it girl said...

This collection is really cool! I love the color blocking of the clothes.

To answer your question: My dad get a job in Dubai 5 years ago, and he took the family with him. I am located between Dubai and Paris now because I attend college in Paris.

My Grand dad (who is passed away now) had a medical practic in Tulsa. I still have some family there, but rarely get back to visit them. I still have friends there as well.

Love the post!

Tc, Nia B

Anonymous said...

love the colours

Anonymous said...

Definitely the shark tooth necklace, so cute

Slumber Designs said...

Those swimsuits are GORGEOUS!! I so want the black one!

ceo said...

Thanks for sharing.... I love the colors.....


Anonymous said...

looks really good!!

Livie said...

hehe so funny i also posted about this collection a few months ago. I want all of the items so badly! love that shark's tooth necklace.

surf wear's never looked better.


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