Monday, March 22, 2010

Model Monday.

Model Monday
Ann Kenny
First of all, since i have a strong fascination of models, i thought why not make Model Monday. Every Monday i will make a post about a model. New, classic, experienced, etc. This model, is however, new. I discovered her this morning on The Cut; New York Magazines fashion blog. Her name is Ann Kenny. Shes stunning and of course i was immediately fascinated. I believe that an awkward rawness makes the best model. Her oversized eyes, strong neck, long brown hair makes her the perfect candidate for success. Ann is a model that you can see that she has something brewing in her head while posing. There is an intelligence about her. Shes not dead in the eyes. Shes young and new to the industry. I think she has a lot of potential and i hope she becomes a catwalk staple.

What qualities do you think makes a great model?

Pictures: NYMag, Fashion Model Directory.

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