Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby boy blue

Robert Geller: Fall 2010 Collection.

Once again im in awe of Robert Gellers menswear collection. Like a few other shows ive posted about i attended the shows last year but i was unable to attend this year because i was not in New York for Fashion Week. The use of colors are astonishing. He uses colors and shades that a man would probably not immediately think of wearing. But they weirdly work perfectly together due to the fact that the outfits are perfectly styled. Robert Geller has one of the most cohesive collections each season. Plus, the guys....they are very attractive. Is this how a guy feels when they watch the Victoria's Secret fashion show?

Photos: NYMag.


Wendy said...

Every time I see a good male collection, I wish there were guys around that dressed like that.

rk hall said...

Love the menswear post! So great!


stacey kelly said...

i really love this collection, and actually, i find myself increasingly inspired by menswear lately. like... i would wear a lot of this haha. in girls sizes of course!


fall in love with vika gazinskaya...


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