Sunday, February 21, 2010

Selby Sunday

Selby Sunday round 1
Im introducing a new feature on SomedayNewYorker called Selby Sunday. Every Sunday im going to post an apartment featured on The Selby. Ive made posts about The Selby for awhile now and i know that you guys respond so well to the posts so i decided to make it a regular occurance.

Ines De La Fressange- designer, muse and model- at her office



racheltanski said...

ah the perfect pink! (instead of the pink I used to paint the walls of my childhood room when i was 12... not as good), and i love the contrast with the taupe. beautiful blog.

M. said...

I looove the selby, it has the best inspiration! the apartment is gorgeous

lovelove, M.

tam pham said...

so lovely!

you're from tulsa?! that's where I grew up. miss it.

thanks for visiting my blog!

StuddedLilly said...

gorgeous space, loving the pink is just right. not too light not too bright!


LoliTa said...

LOVE the pink eiffel tower!

Anonymous said...

love the selby! what a beautiful apartment!

Blicious said...

gorgeous pics!! loving the orchids. :)


Diya said...

LOVED this apartment when the selby posted it... did you see the vogue article about 9 bloggers, including the person behind the selby?

PLEASE help a gal out by checking out my new blog!

Emily said...

Ahhhh I LOVEEEE all the pink!!

isabella said...

Love it!
i gotta admit that pink makes me go crazy, i just love it...
Amazing blog!
Please check out my blog & comment/follow :)!
>new update!
Best style ever.

MIA said...

it's a really nice idea!

her house looks so comfy


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