Monday, February 22, 2010

Camp Clueless

Proenza Schouler: Fall 2010 collection.

Like every other season Proenza Schouler is on the top of my list for best collections of the Fall 2010 season. I can't help but look at the collection and immediately think of a mix of a Clueless girl gone goth while at summer camp. The shoes were also perfection. Im also in awe of the fact that they are successful at not only creating garments but creating beautiful shoes and bags every season. Not many designers can be a triple threat when it comes to their collections.
Whats your favorite season of Proenza so far?



Eli said...

what an unfortunate photo of them...

but the clothes are just striking and beautiful! I think they might be the best design duo of our generation

thanks for leaving a comment on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

i love your description of proenza schouler haha! My favourite season was A/W10! great post :)

come visit!

Taylor Sterling said...

Wow I love them and all the seasons!

Michele said...

I agree with you, really loved everything!

mariam said...

I love thiss, so cute
Not really sure which season was my FAVORITE

StuddedLilly said...

gorgeous collection!


I see what you mean about the clueless vibe...the plaid, the sports blazers, the miniskirts!

Not my favourite collection, but note-worthy and wearable all the same.


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