Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pineapple Express

Back in September, during New York Fashion Week, i visited Ben and Doug Burkman of the Burkman Bros at there Manhattan studio/ apartment to view their Spring 2010 collection. I was waiting to post the pictures closer to the spring season. Ever since i started this blog i have talked about the Burkman Bros. I love how hip and cool the clothing is yet it makes a huge statement when a guy wears these pieces. This is exactly the type of clothing that i think should be a staple in every mans wardrobe. Plus, in my opinion, certain pieces can easiely be transfered to a guys girlfriend. Say you over at your boyfriends place and you need something to wear the next day, you can throw on a Burkman Bros button up.
For inspiration, Doug and Ben traveled to parts of Asia. They visited various beaches, markets, and street vendors. They are quickly making their stamp on the fashion industry. They were recenly nominated as one of GQ's Best New Menswear Designers.

The clothing is also made to be interactive for the customer. The hangtags are attached to the garments by woven bracelets that you can wear, i like to wear mine on my ankle. Also, the jacket below can be turned into a hooded jacket. When you unzip the collar a hood comes out.

Doug working in the above picture and Ben working in the picture below.
I thank the Burkman Brothers for letting me visit them in their studio and for letting me see their Spring 2010 collection. I am so happy for them. I think they are going to become a staple in menswear. So remember tell your boyfriends about the Burkman Bros. Buy him a Burkman button up for his birthday. Im sure it will win you brownie points when it comes to the relationship.

P.S. Let me know which pieces from the Spring 2010 collection are your favorite.

Pictures: Top 2 pictures belong to the Burkman Bros. All the other photos are my own, do not use without permission.


Anonymous said...

uhhh, great collection of scarves

Yulo said...

this is amazing, i love the firsts pic because the scarf on the head, but let me tell you that i liked so much the lady gaga post

Mouthwash said...

love the zipped collar. Thanks for sharing!


Lexi Colby said...

nice pictures! xx

Jessica said...

He does amazing things with prints!

Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

I've developed quite a thing for men's pieces lately. I especially love button up plaid shirts.

Gon said...

Ah great pieces, i like the dark blue patterned shirt ;D

Oh and were you covering NYFW this season?


¶ Michelle said...

love the clothes (:

Caleb Poling said...

Great post highlighting menswear. All the shirts look really appealing and like they are already broken-in a little.

marie said...

interesting, I have never heard of these guys but they do amazing work. I love those tanktops...I would even get one for myself! (because I do not think my boyfriend would want to wear this, he's an all back kind of guy)

thanks for reading my blog! I enjoyed reading yours <3


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