Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pheasant hunter.

Timo Weiland Fall 2010 Presentation

Ive been a fan of Timo Weiland's for the last year or so and he never fails to impress me. I was lucky enough to attend last seasons presentation but unfortunately i was unable to make it to New York for this seasons collections. The Fall 2010 Timo Weiland ( co-designed by Alan Eckstein) collection is said to be inspired by an "epic tale of eras colliding; the Age of Innocence meets Gangs of New York". When i saw the first piece from the collection i immediately thought of a pheasant hunter. Do i know what a pheasant hunter looks like, no not necessarily but i think that is what a pheasant hunter should look like. Ever outfit, both male and female, has the perfect mix of both masculinity and femininity. Each piece is perfectly styled, making every model look like the dictionary definition of cool.
I would have to say that its my favorite collection of New York Fall 2010 fashion week.
Photos: NYMag


katkas said...

an amazing collection!!


daisychain said...

wow love these

Victoire said...

I love how each outfit is so different and perfect but still work so well as a collection!


bravegrrl said...

how cute is that first mini dress! and i love that huge oversized cardi!


Raez said...

great collection! i lvoe the pops of red!

xx raez

her name is bek said...

I love how the bun is back in, well for these models anyway, suits the collection and styles



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