Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Fame Ball.

Lady Gaga: The Fame Ball: January 10, 2010: Chicago, Illinois.
My Dad and I in front of the merch tour bus
So im finally back in action on my blog. I thought a great subject to come back with is the Lady Gaga concert that i attended on January 10th. It was a Christmas gift from my Dad. It was an amazing gift and im so glad that my Dad and i got to see this concert together. After he flew into Chicago from Phoenix and i flew in from Tulsa the 3 day Gaga weekend started in Chicago. Saturday of course included Gino's East, H&M, and various exploring since i had never been to Chicago. From there i worked on my puff ball dress all night and morning. I had to make a quick anxious trip to Michaels due to the fact that i ran out of puff balls.
Nerves were prominent on Sunday due to the fact that i was not only meeting the Gaga herself but also giving her a puff ball corset that i had made....but we'll get to that later in the post.
We were literally front row center. The line that divided the stage in the middle lined up perfectly between my Dad and I's seat. Ive been to literally hundreds of concerts but i have never experienced a concert like this. By far the best concert ive ever been to.

The above photo is my favorite. No zoom. And the expressions are priceless.

The Manifesto of Little Monsters was mesmerizing. I want to put a tv in my studio and have this video on loop all day long. Incredibly inspiring.

My favorite part of the fame ball. It was an amazing piece of performance art.

Meet and Greet.
I have to first tell you that Oprah was filming the entire m&g. Oprah wasnt there but there were cameras everywhere. We got special treatment that no other m&g's have received which was surprising. Usually she comes to a table an a common area but instead we got to go backstage into the dressing room area.
My Dad meeting Gaga. He asked for a kiss so he could be the cool Dad and she giggled and said "well your already the cool Dad for asking."
I gave Gaga a puff ball corset that i made. She loved it. The entire room of her staff roared with excitement when i gave it to her. I spent quite a while with her. Longer then i expected. I checked the times that my fathers photos was taken and the time that my photo was taken and there was a 7 minute difference. We talked for a little bit, she recommended a designer to me, and she signed quite a few things for me, including my lucky New York metro card. I want to keep most of the other parts personal cause it was a very big moment for me.

I hope you guys enjoyed a little bit of an inside look into the show. It was amazing and again i thank you Dad for this incredible experience. My 2 inspirations/ icons are Edie Sedgwick and Lady Gaga and my Dad helped me meet one of them.

Videos: All mine except for the Manifesto of Little Monsters. DO NOT USE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.


fashion westie said...

Oh. My. God. Holy crap! Wow!

This is INCREDIBLE!!! What a post! The puff ball corset IS Gaga.

I cannot wait to go to her concert here in NZ on March 13th. I'm obviously not meeting her but the show will be phenomenal enuff for me.

Thanks for sharing such a personal experience.

Anonymous said...

Omg this is amazing! you go girl! great job on the corset!!
she must have loved it!

so jealous right now!

Shannon said...

Wow, so jealous right now.xx

daisychain said...

Oh my, amazing post!

Caleb Poling said...

She is so inspiring and creative, Very lucky!

trixie said...

those photos with the most smoke in them are totally epic. that is so awesome you gave her that corset and got to talk to her for awhile. total dream-come-true material!

Maria Tavares said...

OH MY GOD!!! IM SO JEALOOOOUS! I love Lady Gaga so much... Lucky girl ;D

Gia Illusion said...


Tiffani said...

SO JEALOUS! Great pics.

Anonymous said...

dying of jealousy!!!! love her :D

bravegrrl said...

that is soooo freakin cool! and i love your dress and the corset you made her!!! you rock!


Celia said...

ahhh that's so amazing! and the puff ball corset.. perfect for her!
love your blog (=

La Dolce Moda said...

your so lucky u got to meet her!

check out please?

virgo said...

OOoooh my god !!! It's my dreams !!
I love Lady GAGA !!!
Lucky for you !!!



Kristiana V said...

wow you're so lucky :O she totally looks like madonna!

FlashFash said...

That looks amazing! Ah, so jealous of you get to watch and see Lady Gaga in person! Btw, thanks for checking out my blog :)

The Style Monster said...

this is absolutly unreal. lady gaga has changed sp many people's lives, you are so lucky to have been able to meet her.

- The Style Monster

Krislyn said...

thanks for the comment on my post. :)

i have to say gaga is a DARING fashionista and i applaud and love her for that! i am incredibly jealous you got to meet her! wow!

Friend in Fashion said...

Looks liks a great concert - cant believe you met her! :)

Love the gift you made for her! :)

Sarah @ Pandora's Box said...

How fantastic that you got to meet Gaga!! Let's hope she rocks your corset in a photo sometime soon ;)

donna said...

Woah, great pictures. You made it feel very vivid. That's wonderful you got to meet one of your icon's :)

Anonymous said...

crazy, just crazy. ugh you have the coolest dad in the world.

isis said...

that must have been some show! it would be so exciting to see her in that corset you made some day:)


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