Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pretty bird and pup.

Yoshiko Kajitani at Home in Tokyo

Do you guys like Yoshiko's apartment? I personally love and am inspired by her closet setting and i think her animals are absolutely adorable. The closet is relaxed and organized yet it feels lived in. A perfect environment for getting yourself dressed everyday. I also love her clock (the final photo). Im still trying to figure out how it works and how it was made.

Do you guys enjoy apartment posts from The Selby
Pictures: The Selby.


Noelle + Kendall said...

That's a pretty cool apartment

-N + K

MJ said...

So awesome - I'm really inspired by her pink-ish hair, too!

Lolitta said...

Her apt. is looks like it reflects her personality.

Ganymede Girl said...

The Selby rules. These photos are great, she has so much cool stuff, and I love how her pink bathroom matches her pink hair.

Austere said...

She has a really cool place. I like the fifth photo.

Grace said...

That clock is driving me nuts also! I need to figure it out so I can make one!

Love Grace.

Dannie said...

yeees, im loooving the anime pink hair and wow, her apartment is siiiic, except for the stool that looks like animal feet coming out of it, that bothers me a little

kendal croix said...

so amazing.

Hemaly said...

I really love the Selby. Once there's a new set out, I feel like changing my room.

+ thanks for the comment, darlin'.


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