Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fair is Fair

The Legend of Billy Jean
So over this past holiday weekend i saw, what i am now calling, one of the best movies/ the best movie of the 80's. The plot line is inspiring and it makes me feel proud to be a woman. Also, i love the clothing. The shapes of the pants/shorts are all incredible.
All i can tell you about the film is that it stars Helen Slater and Christian Slater as brother and sister (they are not related in real life). The two get into some trouble and even though they are not at fault they have to run from the law. The Legend of Billie Jean is all about getting what you deserve and not being pushed around. As the great Billie Jean says in her thick southern accent "fair is fair".

Have you ever seen this film? If so what did you think of it? Also, whats your favorite 80's movie?

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Pictures: Bunnweb

Monday, December 21, 2009

Top That

So the best fashion video of the year and maybe the decade has just been created. Usually when there is a video accompanying a new collections, it is unrealistic and glamourous or just plan weird and trashy. But now Rachel Antonoff has created a new video to accompany her new collection. The video is a remake of the top that rap scene from Teen Witch, a true classic movie in my book.

The video below is the original scene from Teen Witch.

Now its time for the mind blowing mini-movie that includes Alia Shawkat and the designer Rachel Antonoff.
Who is the guy that Alia is battling? He's cute. Like a hipster Andy Samberg.
So, ultimately, what did you think of the video?


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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Rollin with the homies

R.I.P the wonderfully adorable and talented Brittany Murphy. She helped shape the films of my generation and i will forever watch Uptown Girls when i need an inspiring pick me up and Don't Say a Word when i need to be slightly terrified.
She was a breathe of fresh air.
I guess its time to re-evalute my life. When someone so young passes away so suddenly it makes me think...I need to appreciate every day and be exactly who i want to be. Brittany Murphy, although your no longer with us, youll inspire me to be happy everyday and to live life to the fullest.

Some of my favorite movies of hers are Uptown Girls, Cherry Falls, and Dead Girl.

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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SomedayNewYorker Holdiay Giveaway

SomedayNewYorker Holiday Giveaway

So i am very excited about my very first blog giveaway. My lovely sponser I Love Waterloo and I are giving away this amazing Swimmers I: The Secret of Norma and Neli t-shirt. Here is the official description and story of the shirt.

"Under a vegetable garland, Norma and Neli embraced themselves for a long while and had a conversation ear-to-ear until a noise frightened them, they dip in and their figures got lost in the lagoon. These two beauties never discovered that they were portrayed."

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Thank you to all of you who entered.
Pictures: I Love Waterloo

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Robert Geller

Robert Geller: September 11th- New York City- Spring 2010 collection

The Robert Geller Spring 2010 show had to have been my favorite fashion show of the Spring 2010 bunch. When i found out that i was invited to show i was oozing with excitment. It was the last show on my Friday schedule. I had about 9 shows that day and i didnt even get to eat until 6pm so as you can tell i was quite busy. But when i finally got to the Robert Geller show all of my hunger, stress, and insomnia went away. I was in awe of the colors, shapes, layering and sunglasses. Oh yeah, and the male models were quite attractive. At some point i literally had to tell myself in my head "wait a minute, im here for the clothing. stop looking at the models faces".

I am extremely excited for the Fall 2010 collection coming up in February. I think it will again, be the highlight of my fashion week experience.

My personal photos from the show.

I personally feel like more men need to dress like this. I believe that strong hues and cardigans and accentuate a mans...well...manliness. How do you guys like a man to dress?

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Photos: GQ, personal photos.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pretty bird and pup.

Yoshiko Kajitani at Home in Tokyo

Do you guys like Yoshiko's apartment? I personally love and am inspired by her closet setting and i think her animals are absolutely adorable. The closet is relaxed and organized yet it feels lived in. A perfect environment for getting yourself dressed everyday. I also love her clock (the final photo). Im still trying to figure out how it works and how it was made.

Do you guys enjoy apartment posts from The Selby
Pictures: The Selby.


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