Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday, what to give and what to get, guide.

Hello everybody. I hope you in America had a great Thanksgiving. I sure did. Im so thankful for what i have. My wonderful parents. I love you so much Mom and I love you so much Dad. My perfect pets: my cats Angel and Mac, and my dog Pepper. My other family: Grandparents ( i miss still think about you and miss you every year Grandma, Aunts, Uncles, Friends, ect. My growing career aspirations and growing blog. So many things are looking up right now and im so thankful for it all. What are you guys most thankful for? Also, im stuffed...are you guys stuffed? Turkey and pie really fill you up. Im looking forward to those leftovers. Hopefully i can make it with the $3 sandwich maker i get from Target on Black Friday.

2009 Holiday Gift Guide

Here is my Holiday Give and Get Guide. Im really into "home" items right now. Things for your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, etc. So that is what my gift guide is focused on.

My egg and soldiers set: £19.50.

Baby Vamps Teeth: Silver ring set- $195. Single silver ring- $98.

Peanut Hot Chocolate mixes: $10.

Whats Your Poo Telling You? book- $9.95.

I got my father the calendar version of this book and he thinks its hilarious. He cant wait to start using it in January 2010.

Sprinkle heart ring- $11.

Edith readers: $11.

Ice cream lamp- $42

Mens all over mustache socks- $10.

Yummy donut plush 24in. pink edition- $75.

Color Me Christmas- $29.95


Please let me know what you guys think of the gift guide and if you are going to take any of my advice. Also, do you guys shop on Black Friday? Im getting up at 2am on Black Friday.

Enter to win a pair of Ugg Boots.

Also here is a contest to enter to win an amazing pair of Ugg Boots. Ive sort of disliked Uggs for the past few years and have been searching for a great pair and i finally found them. These uggs are breathable (you can even wear them sockless) and come in several styles and colors. Also, anyone from any country can enter.

Enter Here

Whooga Ugg Boots Contest

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baby Vampire Teeth.

About a week ago BitterSweets New York emailed me to show me some pictures of their products. I was immediately in awe. The world is in diar need of slightly whimsical fine jewelry and BitterSweets is here to help fill that void. With vampire teeth rings, necklaces, and charms inspred by the dollar store candy teeth, and bracelets inspired by earth worms, BitterSweets is definitely on the cutting edge of quality fashion forward pieces of jewelry.

Which pieces are your favorite? My personal favorite has to be the Baby Vamp Teeth ring sets and the Heart and Arrow necklace.

Remember to go to to purchase some of these gorgeous pieces. They make perfect gifts. Some of these items will be featured on my Black Friday Holiday Gift Guide that will be posted on Friday. Remember to follow my blog so you can be notified when the gift guide posts.
Pictures: BitterSweetsNY

Monday, November 23, 2009

Trompe l'oel

Rosalind Keep for Oasis

Sorry for the lack of blog posts this last week. I was had a sudden trip to Phoenix. I drove there with my Dad from Tulsa and then spent a few days with him. I saw Paranormal Activity again cause i wanted my Dad to see it and let me tell you something, still as scary as the first time i saw it. Anyways, so this week i discovered the most incredible and gorgeous basic pieces. Yes, all of the images that your are seeing are all tank tops or sweaters. Read the below article below to learn more about the collection that will be available on on December 7th.

Article from VogueUK

The latest Designer Collective offering from Oasis launches this week with a collection featuring one of the season’s most interesting and amusing trends: trompe l’oeil, as seen on the autumn/winter 2009-10 catwalks of Comme des Garcons, Stella McCartney, and Viktor & Rolf.

The collection, designed by London College of Fashion undergraduate Rosalind Keep, features oversized T-shirts and racerback vests with dresses jackets and coats drawn on top of the garment, literally “tricking the eye”.

Following the release of the Trompe L’Oeil collection, Book of Charms - by textile designer Vanessa Harrington, will launch in January. Paper Dolls follows in February, designed by a trio of designers from different universities: Jenny Neill from Edinburgh College of Art; Claire McInally from Heriot Watt School of Textiles and Design; and Anna O’Neill from West Wales School of the Arts.

The collection, designed to support emerging talent from British universities, launches on Monday in Oasis stores nationwide

Are you guys in love with these garments, think they are overdone, juvenile, or a perfect idea for being comfortable in what looks to be a cocktail dress? Do you guys like the price point being at 35-50 pounds?

I personally love them. I think they will allow you to go out to a party in a tank top and heels. You can be comfortable but look extremely fashionable too. I would love to take the creme colored tank top that looks like a party dress and tuck it into a pair of skinny jeans.

Pictures: facebook.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Complexgeometries: Spring/Summer 2010

If you have followed my blog for awhile then you have seen my other posts about Complexgeometries. I love unisex clothing so when i found Complexgeometries i was in love. Yes, the pieces are a little bit on the pricy side but these pieces are an investment. I am very excited about the new Spring/Summer 2010 collection and I think i will be investing soon.

I absolutely love the gold pants bellow. They just look Also, have you seen the shoes the female model is wearing? Gorgeous.

What pieces do you like most from the new collection? Also, how do you feel about people saying that a piece of clothing is an investment? Do you think that is a true statement or do we tell ourselves that it is an investment just to make ourselves feel better about buying a $300 garment?


Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wild at heart

Article from
This month, Dazed takes a stroll on the wild side, with a cover photographed by Daniel Jackson and styled by Dazed's senior fashion editor Karen Langley that celebrates the incredible Where The Wild Things Are clothing collection created for Opening Ceremony. Modelled by inimitable supermodel Abbey Lee, the exclusive fashion showcase is an homage to the magical children's book adaptation by Spike Jonze, which is about to explode on the big screen in the UK.

In further exploration of all things wild, the aforementioned Jonze talks monsters, history and childhood with legendary Wild Things author Maurice Sendak; Dazed hits the road with Californian art-rockers Health as they tear their way across the UK; we follow indie-runaway Holly Miranda as she travels Route 666; rap veteran Snoop Dogg talks about staying one step ahead of the game; and bad-taste alien rockers Gwar look back on 25 years of fake blood, blasphemy and baby-eating.

There's more untamed behaviour from the late Andy Kaufman – the comedian who challenged the women of America to a wrestling match, and received sack loads of hate mail for his trouble (some of which is published here for the first time); 60s anarchist Mike Lesser looks back on a life of sticking it to The Man; basketball’s wild-child Allen Iverson offer words of wisdom; porn star Sasha Gray gives us the lowdown on The Girlfriend Experience; video collective Megaforce bring the Parisian spirit of rebellion; rubber-fetish men's fashion from Jaiden rVa James turn some high-profile heads; a head-to-head between synth pop princess Ellie Goulding and her producer Starsmith shoots for the stars; and there are countless more encounters with the young, the free and the untamed…

Pictures: Dazeddigital, becauseimaddicted


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