Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Pursuit of Happiness.

Haleh Nematzadeh- September 9, 2009- New York City- Spring 2010 Collection.

So, one of the shows that i was most excited for was the Haleh Nematzadeh show. The invitation was one of my favorites and it was taking place at the Morrison Hotel/ Gallery. When i arrived it was crazy, hipsters galore. But not those fake, i wear a Fedora cause its cool hipsters. They were 100% original. Anyways, Lydia Hearst opened the show!!!! Yes i own Paris Hiltons first book. Im not ashamed.

Halfway into the show. All of the lights turned off and the most amazing thing happened. Well just watch this video that i found on youtube. Go to the 3 minute mark.

Gift bag- A handmade card made out of recyclable goods and a guitar pick necklace with Halehs name on it.

My review- ♥♥♥♥.

The collection was totally 80's and had the perfect amount of studs, fringe, and gold. The show was about the pursuit of happiness and it definitely brought the collection to life.

How do you feel about the 80's making a huge comeback?

Photos- Top photo is the invitation and i don't have the rights to it. All other photos are mine and you must have permission from me to use them.


kARA said...

love that yellow blazer!

I like the 80s-return trend when it's not TOO overdone...bigger (but not overwhelming) shoulders and crazy leggings are fun but def not a fan of the frumpy looks :(

big fan of your blog!


miss a. said...

I'm convinced that the designers who hold their shows outside of the billowing white tents are the ones who are more worthy of notice. They're able to take greater risks and push the limitations of fashionable expectations because they don't have to adhere to any rules set by the buyers, mass consumers, etc. The show looked amazing, and I'm absolutely jealous you got to see it in person. :)

Elizabeth Victoria C said...

looks like it was a great collection, i love all the pants styles! xo

Velo said...

great fashion show. i love the first one. :D

Lilee said...

a great collection!

Style Crusader said...

So funn! i love your nyfw coverage

Tala said...

Thanks for sharing, we love this collection !!


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