Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Prep time.

New York Spring 2010 Fashion Week

As you know, hopefully, i will be attending Spring 2010 Fashion Week. I leave for New York on the 8th. Yep, right around the corner. Im sewing up final garment for me to wear and making sure i have every outfit and show planned. 

Here is a list of shows i am attending.

Pamella Roland
Toni Francesc
Maria Pinto
Rosa Cha
Luca Luca
Robert Geller
Rachel Antonoff
Timo Weiland
Haleh Nematzadeh
Georges Chakra
New York Couture
Jeremy Laing
Rachel Comey 
John Patrcich
Twinkle by Wenlan
Douglas Hannant
Lela Rose
Carlos Miele
Christian Siriano

I'll let you know if I get any more invitations. 

Ill be making day to day posts about fashion week so please remember to FOLLOW so you can be updated with my posts. I really just want to give you guys the inside scoop on fashion week. Ill have pictures, personal style pictures, interviews, information on designers, and more. 

What designer would you most want to see on my blog? And remember to follow. You wont want to miss it. 

Picture: Fashionista.


Jocelynne said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm definitely going to follow your blog, and I'm excited for updates! Take care :) x

Darrah said...

Thank you for checking out my blog! Those tiles were actually glued one by one to her leg. It was very cool. I'm following your blog now, so I look forward to hearing about Fashion Week from your perspective!

What Was I Thinking? said...

Okay, you got me! I'm following!! You have to tell me though, is it REALLY as amazing & fun as it seems?

Niki B. said...

oh my god what a great list of shows to attend! have a FABULOUS time, i can't wait to read about your trip. xoxo

Eva Internazionale said...

Beautiful! You'll have a great time.

linaa, said...

im so excitedddd i actually want to hearrr!!
:D omg im so glad i foundd youu
your so luckyy!!
gahh im gona folow you@

Fashionista in Training said...

i instantly love you because your blog header is edie sedgwick!
i love your blog, thanks for the kind words
i hope you come back and visit mine again

sparkle motion said...

can't wait to hear about fashion week from you. can't say im not jealous though!

an92 said...

How exciting! Very jealous. I know you will have fun!

Emilie said...

I look forward to hearing about Fashion Week, you're lucky ;)
Have a great time!!!!!!!!!!

Dani said...

so exciting!!

p.s. loved the edie post below!

Anonymous said...

im so excited for you! have a great time!!

Chelsea said...

i'll definately be checking back for fashion week posts. just started following.

Smelly Cat said...

thanks for the comment! hope you have fun in NY.. especially since it's fashion week :]
i'll definitely be checking out your blog

briannelee said...


I hope you have a wonderful time!

ultimate fashion junkie. said...

hav fun. this post is so rad.

the diary of a fashion junkie.

LAYNE said...

so excited to see ur fashion week updates!

Lucky you!


syd vicious said...

New York Couture for sure! I love everything she makes.

Pearl Westwood said...

All I can say is wow! Have fun, can't wait to see you posts x

daisychain said...

I am so jealous!

Rich Hippie said...

sweet take loads of pics!!

Taryn Andre said...

wow, i hope to be doing the same one day. You have to tell us everything that goes down during fashion week!

so effing cool.

Flashes of Style said...

Ooooh have fun! That is so so exciting :)

Etrapar said...

have fun darling! ^.^

Talisa said...

love your blog :)

Atenea said...

I don't know the most of them, I think only Rosa Cha...but I'd like to see their designs :) Nowadays I have my updates in english and french too if you want to have a look and read.

pink horrorshow said...

Holy shit that's quite a list..

I only have time for one show!! But even one is enough for me haha, I don't know how people can attend 3-4 a day for the entire week!

kpeach said...

Congrats! Those are great invites.
Love to see images of all the action outside the shows!

AX80 said...

Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Christian Siriano would be nice. Sessilee Lopez has been his muse so far so it would be nice to see what he has her in this time.

Anonymous said...

love love LOVE your blog
keep it up!

check out my blog @

Simpli-c-t said...

cant wait to hear bout fashion week...x

Marsey said...

I'm going to Pamella Roland, Lela Rose, and Christian Siriano too! Are you front row? I"m front row in all three.. maybe I'll see you!! It's gonna be crazy this week.. I have 35 shows I'm attending. Ahh lol. Love your blog!

xoxo Marsey


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