Thursday, September 24, 2009

Picnic in the park.

Rachel Comey- September 9, 2009- New York City- Spring 2010 Collection

The Rachel Comey show was my first show of the very long week to come. It was the day before the week officially kicked off at the tents so i guess its known as day 0.

On the morning of the show i was very hesitant of the day to come. Is it going to rain or not going to rain? The invitation for the Rachel Comey show specifically stated that it would be taking place on a rooftop and would be "rain or shine". I hoped that the great idea wouldnt back fire on the designer and luckily it didnt. Once i got to the location and got up onto the roof I was relaxed and in awe of the perfect New York view. I saw the Empire State building out of the corner of my eye and that was a great reminder that i was in New York City.

The show started out with St. Vincent perfoming the song Free Falling (originally performed by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and after awhile she broke into other songs such as The Joker ( originally by the Steve Miller Band). When the models came out they seemed like they were all ready for a picnic in Central Park. Comfortable yet fashionable. Their hair was superb. Flowy, frizzy, and airy yet perfect and delicate looking. I personally loved the look of flats on the runway instead of the regular high heel. I personally always wear flats or flipflops so it was nice to see that on the runway.

The yellow piece below is my personal favorite. I havent quite figured out what it is but it looks like a cross between a jumpsuit and a dress. It looks extremely flattering for alot of body types.

My review: ♥♥♥ 1/2

Perfectly wearable which is a great thing to have in a collection these days. You want to sell clothing tha people will buy. What is your favorite piece? Do you prefer wearable clothing or do you even think of comfort when buying clothing?

Pictures: Personal. Must have permission to use.


daisychain said...

love these photos =)

Talisa said...

very cool:)

Pearl Westwood said...

Love the yellow jumpsuit! Great collection really like the use of colour and patterns!

SCISI said...

wow so cool i loved the collection must have been great to see it all up close:)xx

Camille said...

I like your blog, you know .

Beautiful photos ^^

Come on my blog:

miss a. said...

Rachel Comey has perfectly wearable pieces, but I can't fork over the money for her line. If I'm paying over $200 for an item, I expect it to have a timeless, va-voom factor, which I find missing in her pieces. Don't get me wrong - her clothes are still very cute in a French girl kind of way, but is it really worth the $400-$500 price tag?


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