Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lava Fields of Love.

Hayden Harnett- September 10th- New York City- Spring 2010 Collection.
The Hayden-Harnett presentation had to have been one of the highlights of the week for me. I was at the presentation early which resulted in me being one of the first people in. I loved being able to see the setup without any clusters of people hanging around it. I immediately heard singing. I remembered that the invitation said "special performance by the opera company of Brooklyn". As i started going around looking at each of the models outfits i started feeling like finally, a collection that feels like summer. All of the other collections i had seen felt like what you would wear when transfering your wardrobe from winter to spring but this one felt like summer. If that makes sense.

I know the photo below is not the best but i just loved her expression in this pose.

These pants are incredible.

I think I would give my left arm for the yellow bag below. Once i saw it, i was in love. Of course i believe its a little out of my price range so it will just be something i dream of every day.

We got a lovely gift bag. I used the tote bag about every day of fashion week. It had a program in it and some nicely wrapped products. Tarte lip gloss, Tarte cheek stain (something ive wanted for awhile but wasnt sure if i want to invest in it. It turns out to be a great product), and Avines samples.

My review- ♥♥♥♥♥. The highest rating.

I truely love this collection. It was wearable yet interesting and new. I cannot wait to see what the next collection looks like.
What do you think of the accessories? Do you like it when designers put as much thought into the accessories as they put into the clothing?

Photos- My own. Must have permission from me to use them.


Jevon said...

Nice blogg xD. did you go to any shows during fashion week?

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

Oh I love everything about it, those grey leggings are to die for!

E is for Eleanor said...

gosh, i havent heard of them, but their leather pieces and the print dresses are beautiful! thanks for the comment btw, karen elson is probably my favourite model- quirkiness wins hands down every time! i'm gonna follow you, your blog is great and i need to start reading a few more from across the pond! x

Jowy said...


One Love,

Anonymous said...

Such a pleasure to meet you - thank you for your comment. Your blog is so cool I really enjoyed looking through your photos - some amazing things going on where you are

Polly x

Style Crusader said...

Adorable collection- i really love their stuff, i think they do wonderful things

Anonymous said...

Great pics!

CHICMUSE said...




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