Sunday, September 27, 2009

If a punk girl went on a picnic...

Vena Cava-September 10th- New York City- Spring 2010 Collection.

My notes from the fashion show.
  • No seating assignment.
  • Indie band opened show.
  • Slightly generic.
  • Punk girl going to a picnic.
  • Slightly "been there done that".
  • Adorable star shorts.
  • Love the visors and the purple lipstick.
  • Wait, i think its also a presentation? Fashion show+presentation.
  • Safety pins give a much needed punk feeling to the collection.

My review- ♥♥
I wanted to see something a little bit more exciting. I want to be inspired when i see a collection. It was a very wearable and cute collection but i was just whelmed.
What emotion do you want to feel when you watch a fashion show? Do you want to feel inspired?

Photos- My own. Must have permission from me to use them.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So Glad you posted these photos! Vena Cava was one of my favorite Spring 2010 collections. I still haven't been able to look at all the collections.


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