Sunday, September 27, 2009

A day in the playhouse.

Rachel Antonoff- September 9, 2009- New York City- Spring 2010 Collection.

The Rachel Antonoff took place at Henry Street Playhouse (luckily it was only 3 blocks away from where i was staying so it was quite convenient) and was set up like a fairytale forest. There was the enchanted forest, disenchanted forest, star's dressing room, orchestra, ballerinas, red couch players, and the aerialists/tumblers.

The clothes were beautiful and playful yet i found alot of the models to be bored. They werent quite in character which bothered me alot. In a presentation you need to have the clothes match the models personality. The models need to act in a sense.

The 2 photos below me were my favorite pieces of clothing and models. They were so into character which was a pleasure to watch because the clothes were coming to life. The top photo actually features Alia Shawkat which has been an actress that ive watched ever since i was 10 or so. I was quite excited to see her name as a special guest on the invitation.

Can you see, there faces are so unenthusiastic. It was quite distracting.

Here are a few pictures of the goodies that were at the show. They were offering specially made candies by Papabubble. The candy had Rachel Antonoffs initials on them. Unfortunately they were out of the oversized lollipops so i got a little bag of candies. A sticker that had an illustration with the theme of the collection was also given out.

My review: ♥♥♥

The clothing was adorable and lovely but the presentation and models lack of enthusiasm took away from the clothing.

What do you think of models putting on an act to bring the clothing to life. Do you think its necessary or are they there just to be a hanger?

pictures: taken by myself. must have permission to use. Top photo is of the invitation and i do not have the rights to it.

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kARA said...

the idea behind this presentation is glad you got to share with us!

I definitely agree with you...the models should be in full character, especially in a setting such as a presentation. They are part of the execution and absolutely make the idea and clothes work or not.



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