Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The gap.

Although i have been aware of Julia Restoin Roitfield for quite awhile but i have recently become very interested in her. I love that we share the quirk of having a gap in our front teeth. I love to see women flauting the awkwardness of a gap. Anyways, she is classic and clean and i just cant get enough. These pictures are of her gorgeous New York appartment. Visit to view more pictures of her apartment. Hopefully i will one day have an apartment as gorgeous as hers.


Beth said...

OMG that shoe wardrobe of hers is to die for.
Haha I am so jealous!
Love the blog by the way and thanks for the comment :)
Beth xx

Gremlin said...

i love the two bottom photos!

mermaid0220 said...

oh i love her apartment. it's so minimalist cuz i am too.
thanx for ur comment :)

Faridah said...

I love your post on her! Her appearance on the Selby was by far my all time favourite. She has amazing style and taste. And her gap is so beautiful and unique!


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