Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fall 09 New York Fashion Week : Anna Sui.

As most of you know during my time in New York City i was interning in the sample department at Anna Sui. Fashion week came less than a month into my internship. When i started att Anna Sui we were constantly busy. I literally sewed buttons onto a garment for an entire day. Thats about 8-9 hours. Anyways. These are pictures of when i was backstage at the Anna Sui fashion show. Although my job was small, i had to watch the accessories table so nothing got stolen, but i enjoyed being able to watch everything that happened back stage. Agness Deyn's clothing rack/changing area was right next to me so that was cool to see how quickly they had to remove large boots and a delicate dress on her and then but on a different pair of shoes and a new dress in the matter of a minute.

During the entire time i was just thinking what an amazing oportunity this is. I got to see things that most people will never get to see.

P.S. Most models were surrounding the kraft service table. I guess that shows that models do eat.

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alanna said...

wow. im definitely jealous of this.


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