Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is that a bird on your head?

Anna Sui Fall 09' Collection

The collections was beautiful and a perfect example of Anna Sui's eye for detail. I look at most of these garments and i remember the first time i saw them in the sample room. They were delicate yet strong and assertive in their presence. I remember seam ripping and thinking whatever you do don't ripe the material. I also remember sewing on the buttons and just thinking "this is the final touch". Even if no one else knows that i sewed a button onto a piece from the collection, i know i did.
I also loved the headpieces. The feathers were a perfect touch onto an already perfect collection.

Visit to view the entire collection.

Fall 09 New York Fashion Week : Anna Sui.

As most of you know during my time in New York City i was interning in the sample department at Anna Sui. Fashion week came less than a month into my internship. When i started att Anna Sui we were constantly busy. I literally sewed buttons onto a garment for an entire day. Thats about 8-9 hours. Anyways. These are pictures of when i was backstage at the Anna Sui fashion show. Although my job was small, i had to watch the accessories table so nothing got stolen, but i enjoyed being able to watch everything that happened back stage. Agness Deyn's clothing rack/changing area was right next to me so that was cool to see how quickly they had to remove large boots and a delicate dress on her and then but on a different pair of shoes and a new dress in the matter of a minute.

During the entire time i was just thinking what an amazing oportunity this is. I got to see things that most people will never get to see.

P.S. Most models were surrounding the kraft service table. I guess that shows that models do eat.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Fall 09 New York Fashion Week : Day 2.

My very first fashion show at New York Fashion Week was the Erin Fetherston show. The clothing was amazing. It reminded me of a tin soldier tea party.

The skirts were amazing. They were structured and solid. Although i didnt think that they were a smart thing to show in this economy since they are very impractical, i still loved them. The skirts were almost flower like.
The headwear was structered and whimsical. Some were soldier like hats and some were crystalized animal masks. Animals such as sheep and bunnies.

The shapes of the garments were so creatively done. I just have to say that the Erin Fetherston Fall 09' collection was the dictionary version of a designer collection. It was beautiful, whimsical, and original. I am already counting down to her Spring 10' collection.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Fall 09 New York Fashion Week : Day 1.

This was my first view of the tents. I was in aww and to be honest i was quite nervous. I was wearing my own design (a purple feather skirt), a black cardigan, grey tank top, black tights, and black flats.
I stood outside for a little bit, yes i was on the cold side due to not wanting to ruin my outfit with a peacoat, and mustered up the courage to walk into the tents. All of a sudden i had people outside wanting to take a street style picture of me because of my feather skirt. That of course made me a little more confident. Then i just walked into the tents. Immedietly my skirt caught the attention of James Aguier. He was hosting toxic tv. He interviewed me about using faux products, and being environmentally friendly. Right when I was done with that interview i was brought up to the Sony area of the tent and i was interviewed by Yoanna House. She was very robotic with her movements but it was still cool to be interviewed by her. I didnt get into any fashion shows that day but the acknowledgment was enough.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My first days.

Sorry that i havent posted lately. Ive been quite busy.
So i have officially moved to New York City. It is overwhelmingly amazing. Im a little lonely sometimes but then something amazing happens and its all worth while. I moved here on Thursday January 22nd (2009). My Mom came with me but she sadly had to leave that Sunday. I walked into my room and its 8X10, very small but naturally cozy.

Here is my amazing view.

My room (undecorated/ touched).

Yes, its small but at least im living in Manhattan and interning at Anna Sui.


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