Thursday, January 1, 2009

First off, my main inspiration.

The photo below is how clear i want the garments. Remember, the photos aren't about the model, its about the clothing. The photographs need to very clear. True colors, and good composition. These photos will be outside but i don't want a sepia coloring or brown/gray color if that makes sense.
The rest of the photos are makeup, hair, and all around inspiration for clothing and background look. Hair will be around the same type of look from my fashion show. Then i have decided to do the makeup since makeup artists i have worked with aren't that good. It would be easier if i just did the makeup. There will be 3-4 models. Different themes. One will have black, owl like eyes and will be a chilly feel with branches on the fence and in the background, 1 will have white eyeliner with pink lips (a winter into spring type of feel), then im still thinking up the looks for the next 2 girls. I am going to decorate my fence with a few different looks. Branches, leaves, flowers, etc.


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