Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Starting over

So i have decided to start up on my blog again. Im moving to New York City on January 22nd so i thought this would be a great way for me to update people about how my move and how my time in Manhattan is going. Also i thought it would be really cool to look back at this and see how much ive changed. Anyways. Its main purpose is going to be for fashion....obviously. Since i will be be interning at Anna Sui and starting my fashion career, fashion will be the first thing on my mind for most of my time. So.....Current obsessions.
Brigitte Bardot. She oozes confidence and sex appeal in this picture.

Ive been obsessed with this Prada fringe bag for quite sometime.

Simple clothing. Im sort of done with the bright colors. I feel more comfortable and fashion forward when im wearing a neutral.

Missbehave magazine. Has anyone else fallen in love with the magazine....and Chloe Sevigny?


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