Tuesday, June 3, 2008


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I can't do this anymore. I could break down at any moment. I've dreamt about moving to Manhattan, NY since i was 11 years old. The thought of moving there has gotten me through the most horrible times in my life. Ive been to hell and back, but New York has been right next to me the entire time. Yet, it feels like the city that i love keeps getting farther and farther away. I have to move there but theres no one to move there with and i cant afford moving there on my own.

I literally have no one. I'm done with high school friends and they are done with me. Im done with people that make me question our friendship.

How can i move to the city that i love? Ive never done anything that i have wanted to do in my life, and now i never know if i will do anything that i want to do in my life.

Is New York attainable?

Im tied down.

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