Saturday, May 31, 2008

Review day!

Here are a few of my personal movie reviews.

The Descent

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*** out of 5*'s
It was pretty good. It had me jump a few times. The women in the movie kicked ass. The only problem with this film was the way in which they had the blood squirt. The movie just wasnt as dramatic when there was squirting blood.

Eagle Vs Shark

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This is film is basically New Zealand's version of Napoleon Dynamite. Sarcastically funny and awkwardly romantic, this movie is good for any person. Its pretty much "Awesome".

Sex and the City

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Honestly, i was slightly dissapointed with the film. The clothing was not as edgy as i thought it would be. This film was almost like a huge commercial full of advertisements. Although i have said all of this, the movie is still worth seeing. I plan to see it within the next 2 weeks so i can really take in and digest the entire film.

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